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The services I perform are intended primarily for relaxation and reduction of stress. It is my belief that by balancing and activating your life force energy we empower your body to selfheal. None of the treatments I perform interfere with those of a licensed medical professional but rather complement them. I recommended that you also see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or condition you may have. My suggestions will not be intended as a replacement for any form of professional therapy or professional medical advice.


First Assessment. Evaluation of Elements' body vibrations. 2:30 hours.

During this session, your energy field is assessed based on how the vibrations associated to 5 natural elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space/Time) reflect your personal history and your behavioral, emotional and mental patterns. It is the session to get acquainted with the process of energy work and our practitioner, Dr Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez. After the energy work, a report is created and recorded for your future use where everything observed is discussed with you at length. Suggestions of exercises and practices are given for you to follow on your own and you have the opportunity to decide if further therapy is what you want to pursue.


Therapy Session. Evaluation/Treatment of Chakras and Other Energy Systems. 2:30 hours.

This session is always part of a series of at least 3 treatments as a holistic therapy. The intention is to focus on assessing and treating Chakras, Aura and Meridians as needed, using a combination of energy, crystals and sound healing. Every session is personalized to your specific needs and therefore the whole therapy works by undertaking one ‘layer’ at a time, whichever the practitioner is guided towards and you are ready for. After the energy work, a report is created and recorded for your future use where everything observed is discussed with you at length. Suggestions of exercises and practices are given for you to follow on your own so that you can ensure to perpetuate the new energetic balance accomplished during the session. Therefore, you will be ready to work on a different ‘layer’ for the next session.


Child therapy Session. 2:00 hours.

Sessions dedicated to children retain all the dynamism and flexibility as those targeted to adults, but with language and setting suitable to their age. The interaction is established directly with the child, engaging their participation as much as possible. These sessions, as well as the therapy, are generally shorter, since children require less energy input to bounce back to health. Children are also taught energy work techniques and exercises as a way to learn and be conscious about their own wellbeing. It feels incredible to see their bright and enthusiastic faces at the end of the process!


Meditation and Spiritual Coaching. 1:30-2:30 hours.

For those that either already have some experience with meditation or want to develop further their connecting abilities, this session is conceived to work on figuring out the blockages that are restraining your spiritual practice and eliminating them. The session could be as structured as a class and as relaxed as a conversation, identifying and correcting during the session the limiting habits.


Feng Shui Consultation.

This session could be done at the practice or at your home, depending on your preference. This is to educate and advise you on the very basics of how to create the correct energetic environments for you and your family at your home an office. It is offered only to those committed to pursue their health using the services of our practice.

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My name is Yasmilde, and I believe I was born to help people learn how to be happy. I believe I was born to create and spread happiness. It took me decades to understand though that I had been doing just that to the expense of my own reserves of energy and self-realization. So many of us are guilty of that! The loss of my mother to cancer; the frustrations of my scientific career in Cuba; the e... READ MORE

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