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Dr. Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez, PhD


The first decision I ever took with the motivation to help humanity, at 13 years of age, was to become a scientist. I currently have over 30 years of combined training and experience in the field of biological sciences. I completed two Master degrees in Biochemistry and Human Vaccines and a PhD degree in Neuroscience. Currently, I am involved in research relevant to Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease. 

Given that background, I never imagined that my natural intuitive abilities, my empathy with other human beings and my emotional sensitivity would be the seeds of my most relevant contribution to the universe: my healthy self. I owe that success, primarily, to the mentorship of three incredible women; Ramona, Sandra Barbara and Margie. The first two had a crucial role in my spiritual growth. The third one, an amazing Reiki Master Teacher, introduced me to universal energy, changing my life forever. From that moment on, I have been absorbing at the speed of light the teachings of several internationally well-known pillars in the fields of meditation and energy healing. Today, I believe my personal approach to healing and meditation is a combination of the teachings of all those incredible Masters, spiced with my own personal flavors and scientific background.


Bachelor in Science, Biology
Institute of Exact Sciences and Biology ‘Floro Perez Diaz’, Cuba, July 1989


Licensee in Science (MSc equivalent), Biochemistry
University of Havana, Cuba, July 1994
Dissertation: Isolation and purification of Toxin-coregulated pili (TCP) from Vibrio cholerae strains of both biotypes and serotypes. Applications for quality control of attenuated vaccines.


Master in Science, Human Vaccines
University of Havana, Cuba, July 2000
Dissertation: New Diphtheria-Tetanus-Vi Polysaccharide combined Vaccine: Definition and characterization of technological formulation and final product.


Philosophy Doctorate, Neuroscience
University of Ottawa, Canada, December 2010
Dissertation: Cited2 and PFTAIRE, two ways in which Cyclin Dependent Kinases impact on development and degeneration in the Central Nervous System.




‘Unlimited Abundance’ and ‘Love or Above’
Christie Marie Sheldon, January-February 2016
Taken through Mindvalley Academy. My introduction to universal and body vibrations.


Master, Holographic REIKI
Margie Hewitt, February-July 2016
With her, I completed levels I to III of REIKI. Currently completing credits for IVth.


‘Learn to Meditate’ and ‘Be A Modern Master’
Deborah King, May-August 2016
Taken through Mindvalley Academy. This were the courses that set my Meditation practice. I took a second edition of ‘Be A Modern Master’ on Summer 2017


LifeForce Energy Healing I
Deborah King, August 2016
Currently completing credits for LifeForce Energy Healing II, Apprentice-In-Training.


The “M” Word
Emily Fletcher, February 2017
Taken through Mindvalley Academy. Quest training on Meditation and mindfulness techniques.


Energy Medicine
Donna Eden, February-March 2017
Taken through Mindvalley Academy. Training on 5 of the 9 Body Energy Systems.


Jeffrey Allen, April-September 2017
Taken through Mindvalley Academy. Training on Energy work and Energy Healing.

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My name is Yasmilde, and I believe I was born to help people learn how to be happy. I believe I was born to create and spread happiness. It took me decades to understand though that I had been doing just that to the expense of my own reserves of energy and self-realization. So many of us are guilty of that! The loss of my mother to cancer; the frustrations of my scientific career in Cuba; the e... READ MORE

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