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A DISCOVERY CALL is your opportunity to get answers for all your questions.

Dr Yasmilde will make sure that you share with each other all the information needed to evaluate your situation and assess in how many ways she would be able to help you.

It is also your chance to interact with Dr Yasmilde under no pressure of expectations! That way, you will be able to easily decide if she is the Healer for you.

So, go ahead and book it. And enjoy your chat!

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My name is Yasmilde, and I believe I was born to help people learn how to be happy. I believe I was born to create and spread happiness. It took me decades to understand though that I had been doing just that to the expense of my own reserves of energy and self-realization. So many of us are guilty of that! The loss of my mother to cancer; the frustrations of my scientific career in Cuba; the e... READ MORE

Address: Rothwell Ridge, 1900 Marquis Avenue. Unit 9. Ottawa ON, K1J 8J2
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